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Call into question conventional wisdom, challenge the common sense. Because good is not enough. Things can certainly be changed to the better.


90 is a small multi-disciplined team, working on better tools and geeky ideas.

We design and develop cross-platform applications. We are into linguistics and the quantified self concept. We're ethical and introverted.

With a 6+ years experience in Information Design, UX and Graphic Design and a robust experience in Agile Development, we offer:

– Usability review (audit)
– UX research, preliminary research, requirements gathering
– Information architecture, Information design
– GUI design, UX/UI design, Interaction design
– App development (web, iOS), development for web, Quality assurance (QA)
– Brand Development, Visual design, Graphic design and illustrations
– Achieving customer success, Service design

Some of our values include: problem solving for social good, transparency, a committed work culture where we don’t cut on product quality to free up more billable hours. Taking steep climbs. Putting in 90 hours a week.

Please, feel free to send us a message, if you have any questions.

Email: alice@90hrs.com

Thank you for learning about us,
Alisa Tribuleva